Many of the issues I am committed to advancing are interrelated. We can’t have a strong economy without responsible development. We can’t make considerable advances in climate action if we aren’t protecting our parks and open spaces. This is not a singular issue race. We should expect our elected leaders to have an ability to focus on the many issues that are meaningful to Lakewood.

Protecting Parks and Open Spaces

The pandemic has only magnified the importance of parks and open spaces in our community as we have had to stay closer to home and find ways to get outdoors. Ward 1 has many opportunities to consider areas that can be repurposed for parks and open spaces.

Climate Action

I believe strongly that we need to make Climate Action a top priority. I entered this race in response to the 2020 wildfire season. The haze and ominous skies were a scary reality of the climate crisis we live in and I am committed to raising this as a top priority.

Public Safety for All

We have an opportunity to reflect on our community’s resources and budgets and ensure that we are using them in ways that best reflect our current needs. We have a shared responsibility to ensure that we are making Lakewood a safe community for ALL of our members.

Responsible Development

I am running a campaign that centers sustainability and the environment as foundational priorities. We have a chance to consider responsible development for our community while not pouring cold water on any outside investment. Responsible development is thoughtful city planning that will balance considerations for the future viability of Lakewood.

Strong Economy

I believe that we have responsibility to ensure all members of our community have access and opportunity to succeed. Ward 1 has four of the top Lakewood employers (St. Anthony’s Hospital, Terumo BCT, FirstBank, and The Federal Center). We have unique opportunities in Northwest Lakewood. I am committed to working to attract new businesses while ensuring the support for small business survival as we exit the pandemic.